Mini sausages


I was gonna show you how I make pork chops, but imagine my disappointment when I got them out yesterday and noticed my just purchased pork chops had magically gone bad. I’m gonna go back to my butcher and yell a bit, but for now I’ll have to show you something else. So this is what I made as emergency dinner yesterday instead. korv

These are mini skinless pork and apple sausages, and they are dead simple to make.

For two people I used 300 grams of minced meat and tossed that in a bowl. Grate a quarter onion and a quarter apple and get it in the bowl. I found some parmesan way back in my fridge, and we all know cheese always makes everything better(well, almost always), so grate a tiny bit in with the meat also. Chop up a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme, finely, and get it in with the mince. Add white pepper, black pepper and salt to taste. Then you just split the mince into 8 pieces, form mini sausages and fry in a super hot pan with olive oil and butter.

Because I had mine for dinner I served it with rice and a cream sauce. But I could really see this working as a small snack at a party with maybe a tzatziki to go with them.

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