Belated Super Bowl Wings

I just realised I forgot all about my super bowl wings. vingar

After reading heaps and heaps of recipes of the best way to cook them, the obvious answer seemed to be to deep fry. Deep fat frying food is not a preferred cooking technique for me since an abundance of fat makes me quite nauseous. (booo!) What I found after hours on the internet was oven roasting wings after first dry brining for 24 hours. The idea is to leave the wings uncovered in the fridge and cover the wings in baking powder.

I can’t tell you how blown my mind was when I took them out of the oven. The result was amazing. Unbelievably crispy and delicious.

My wings were seasoned “buffalo-style”, which is butter and tabasco. I also added a bit of barbecue sauce to the mix, to get some of the sweetness, not just pure spice. I couldn’t have been happier with this dish. So tasty!

I served my wings with a HUUUUGE vegetable platter and blue cheese dipping sauce.

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