Steak sandwich

The sandwich. THE sandwich.sandwich

For me the steak sandwich is the king of all sandwiches, and here today I’ll tell you how to make it.

The ingredients, for two people!
6 forest mushrooms
½ yellow onion
3 slices of good smokey bacon
200 grams of steak, I used short loin.
A handful lettuce of choice
4 slices of bread
2 teaspoons of parmesan

Quarter the mushrooms and slice the onion, then fry in a pan for 5-7 minutes on a medium heat with salt and pepper.

In a grill pan fry your bacon super crispy!

While waiting for your bacon to crisp up, grate parmesan over your slices of bread and drizzle over some olive oil. sandwich3

In the same pan as you fried your bacon, sear off your steak to a temperature of your choosing, though I would insist you cook it medium rare, it will taste better. I PROMISE! sandwich4

Set aside you meat to rest and use some kitchen roll to wipe off most of the grease out of your grill pan and add your bread to toast on a medium-high heat until golden on both sides. Toasting your bread is important to keep your sandwich from going soggy, so this is a crucial step!

Slice your beef into thin strips and then you can start assembling your sandwich! I would suggest lettuce on the bottom as it will keep the meat juices from soaking through the bread other than that any way you add this together will be delicious. sandwich2

On top I added a bit of mustard vinaigrette, which is my favourite salad dressing, the tangy mustard taste really makes the difference between a sandwich, and a SANDWICH! You know?sandwich5

So, there you go. The king of sandwiches.

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