Sesame and Honey Chicken

I have an entire jar of sesame seeds in my kitchen that I barely ever use, and since I hate wasting food I started thinking hard on what to do with them. All of a sudden I came across the nutritional value of them and, I was super surprised!
Sesame seeds are insanely high in calcium, iron and magnesium, like 100 grams will get you almost to 100% of your recommended daily intake of those. And as with all nuts and seeds, they’re are also high in protein, which is always fantastic!

So yesterday I decided to make them a big part of my lunch. lunch

What you’ll need for 2 portions?
2 tablespoons of sesame seeds
2 chicken thigh fillet
A handful of bean sprouts
A thumb size piece of ginger
2 spring onions
Optional, a bit of chili

1½ tablespoon of water
4 drops of dark soy
1 teaspoon of ginger sirup
1 tablespoon of chili sauce

Take your sesame seeds and spread an even layer on a plate. Season your chicken and place on your sesame seed-plate, turn over and make sure all of your chicken is covered with seeds.
In hot pan, add olive oil and fry your chicken untill cooked all the way through, 5-7 minutes. Add your honey to your pan and make sure the chicken gets coated, sear for 30 seconds on each side, being really careful to not burn the honey.
Take the chicken out, clean your pan and put it back on the stove.
Throw in sliced up spring onions, bean sprouts, finely chopped ginger and if you want a bit of chili. Add your sauce ingredients and mix thoroughly. Cook for 2 minutes and throw on your plate along with the chicken.
Serve with rice and steamed vegetables!

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