Super Secret Spices

Hey guys!

Today is, as promised, my super secret reveal! If you’re new to the blog, well let me explain…
I had a previous post where I mentioned the importance of intense seasoning if you’re using simple cooking techniques, or very simple ingredients. And I promised to tell you how to make the BEST seasoning to use.

The first one is rosemary salt, or herb salt of any kind.rosemary
If you can interpret my pictures, you’ll want to start off with a mortar full of herbs. I used 2 parts rosemary and 1 part parsley.
Now, start grinding it up. What you want is to make a paste, this may take a while depending on how much/little water the herbs contain. Anyway, once you get a paste-like consistency start adding salt. In total you’ll want about 8 teaspoons of flakey sea salt. Start grinding in a bit at a time, and once all the 8 spoonfuls are in set aside and leave for a couple of hours(preferably over night) to let the salt work its magic. You’ll get a lovely almost powdery texture which works fantastically well to just sprinkle over anything. I used it last on salmon and was incredibly surprised to find how good they tasted together.

The second spice is a bit more time-consuming, but if possible even more delicious than the rosemary salt. So take the time! Trust me, have I ever led you astray?
This is my celery powder. selleri
Start off with one celery and start slicing it up into super-duper fine slices. The finer you slice, the less time it will take, so work carefully and try to get as long and thin slices as you can.
Place on an oven tray and bake in a  75 degree oven for 3-6 hours. Honestly, this could take even longer or even less time. So look in on them every hour or so to make sure nothing burns and the celery dehydrate evenly.
When it’s done, what you’ll end up with will look like brownish twigs. Throw all of them in a mortar and start bashing, pounding and grinding away until you’re left with a nice powder.
Done! Pour in a jar and use on anything. Soups, stews, or on a steak. It’s got this really amazing savoury smell and flavour that will just make your mouth water any time you get a whiff of it.

Now, do you wanna know about the BESTEST spice in the whole wide world?
It’s simple enough…
2 parts rosemary salt
1 part celery powder
1 pinch of garlic powder(make it the same way as the celery powder)

This particular blend of spices is so flavourful and tasty. I go through a batch of this really quickly because I use it on absolutely everything. kryddmix2

There you go guys, the secret to great flavour every time!

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