Lunch for one, please!

Cooking for one…
So boring, right?
Well, it doesn’t have to be!IMG_6733-2

I tend to skip quite a few lunches, and just have bread instead, just because for me it’s hard to find the motivation to spend an hour in the kitchen to do something nice just for myself.
Yeah, maybe. But I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.

So in trying to get my metabolism to somewhat of a normal speed I need to eat lunch, and a good one at that. So, to force myself I’ve now managed to get my ideal lunch down to the time it takes my protein of choice to finish cooking.
So the idea is basically something that I wrote about last week. Simple salads with banging flavour!

Today, coming straight from a hard hour at the gym I needed steak.

What you’ll need is vegetables and some beef. IMG_6719-2
Cut up one small potato into about 8 or so pieces, boil in water untill cooked, drain and set aside. Cutting up your potato beforehand will reduce the cooking time but if you don’t mind the wait you could boil it whole and cut it up afterwards.

When it comes to portion size, 150 grams of protein is more than enough for one portion. More than that is simply decadent. Unless you’re in a steak house restaurant, in which case… PIG OUT!!
Anyway… Season your steak, preferably with these spices, and start cooking it. While that is searing in the pan, cut up your vegetables, put on the plate with your potato and drizzle over a bit of mustard vinaigrette. Wait for your beef to cook and then dig in.
It doesn’t have to be any harder than this. IMG_6725-2

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