Photo-Friday and Quick Tips

I live in a teeny tiny apartment here in Stockholm. It’s 42 square meters. I found a converter for you imperial system heathens, and apparently it comes to 452 square feet.
And all of this glorious space I share with my boyfriend. So we are constantly elbowing and glaring at each other and arguing over who deserves the most space at the desk.

At least the kitchen is all mine!

Today I figured it was time to get my thumb out of my butt and clean our kitchen/dining room properly. We never eat in there so we just end up stacking stuff on the table, anyone looking in through the window would just see a pile of bags and cardboard boxes. IMG_6843-2
I couldn’t be happier with my glass bottle vases with plastic flowers.
They are a really cheap way to get some pretties into the house. Think about it next time you buy a couple of beers. Pick up a few with nicely shaped bottles.

Why not get real flowers you ask?
Because, seriously… Every plant I’ve ever brought in to this house has died a slow and painful death, so… I should probably just stick to plastic.

You might also look at this picture and wonder why I have knives out. Well, they are super expensive japanese knives and I’ve been told that they can get damaged if your put them in a knife rack or drawers. Therefore I’m afraid of doing that, and of course they are so pretty to look at, so why not just show them off a little bit?

IMG_6835-2Remember the steak sandwich post?
Well this is that, except today I chose chicken.

What I said about plants obviously includes fresh herbs as well, so my way of making sure I always have tasty rosemary in the house is to cut the branches off before everything just falls off and dry them on news paper.
Then collect all the precious rosemary in a jar. It’s not as great as fresh, but it’s still at great resource to have in your pantry when you’re in need of some extra flavour!IMG_6782-2

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