Staying alive

I am so excited!

You know how in a previous post I mentioned that I can’t have plants in the house because they just straight up die as soon as I put them down?
Well you’ll be happy to know that the tides are turning!

I managed to keep a regular old store-bought basil plant alive(and thriving!) for 6 weeks now. Two weeks agomy boyfriend came home with some mint, not really a herb favourite. I truly do not get this mint-with-savory-food-buisiness. But, regardless, it’s growing larger the hour it feels like, I think it’s almost half a meter now. If it grows anymore I need to find something for it to climb on. As of now it’s just trying to intertwine with my basil. IMG_7373-2IMG_7375-2
The rosemary is struggling slightly. I can’t seem to figure out if I’m watering it too much, or  not enough. More sun, less sun. But I’m assuming they like it dry.
Plants are tricky.

Look, I know this is weird. But honestly, this is so new for me, so maybe I’m a bit over excited. But so be it!

If any of you crazy awesome people out there have any great tips for me regarding the rosemary, or any other plant you think I should get into, drop a comment! I always welcome help.

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One Response to Staying alive

  1. Adam says:

    Once mint is established it’d hard to control so just keeping it in a small pot is one way of restricting it. Rosemary seems to like it being a bit hardier. Basil, alas,o just dies once picked.

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