Dream Month of October

Christ what happened to this year?

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about experiences. Life experiences.

Almost a year ago me and my long time boyfriend went to Japan. We planned for nearly six months. Finding the perfect plane tickets, the perfect hotels, the perfect things to visit and see.
Before leaving we had a list a mile long. And of course, in our 9 day trip, we only managed to do a handful of the things we actually had in mind.

But my point with this is that it really had a positive influence on me. When living Europe, you tend not to go outside the continent and honestly a lot of things in Europe are very similar. It was so incredibly amazing to see people living in a completely different way.
One thing that still amazes me, to this day, is the public transportation. And I don’t mean standing on the left side of the escalators, even though that was a bit of a mindfuck as well. I mean, we lived by one of the busiest train stations in the world, Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, and it didn’t feel crowded at all.
Coming back to Stockholm was horrible. We both felt lost and dizzy the first few days, and we both wanted to go back. Instantly.

It’s nice to have to experiences like that in your life. Otherwise you end up living life without any comparison of what it could be.
I’m incredibly envious of so many things they had there. The vending machines on every street corner, the lack of pushing and shoving in public spaces, the lack of fear of getting your bag stolen if you look away for a second(don’t ever go to Barcelona if you’re afraid to lose things), the general friendliness of the random stranger.

Bottom line, it was fantastic. IMG_5085-2 IMG_5103-3 IMG_5151-2 IMG_5452-2 IMG_5559-3 IMG_5471-2IMG_4805-2

What do you guys think? Ever had one of those experiences in travelling?
Ever gone sky diving? 

Tell me all about it! What are your dreams?

Let’s make October the month of reminiscing and dreaming of better things and how we make them happen for ourselves!

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One Response to Dream Month of October

  1. Wonderful post. I have also been to Japan, and those photos with the deer remind me of Nara (where they are sacred.. I’m assuming that’s where you were!). So wonderful- thanks for the reminder to reminisce and make plans for better days. I am planning a trip to Vietnam, and want it to be a similar experience of getting lost in the fun of foreign unknown.

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