The Story of a Cat

So today I’d like to tell you guys about something other than food for once.
Today I want to share something that’s very close to my heart.

This is the story of a cat, a cat called Rinke.IMG_8040-2

When Rinke was very young he was taken from his mother. So early in fact that he never got to learn basic skills like cleaning himself and socially interacting with other cats.
He was taken away and sold to men who abused him. These men shot at him with soft air guns and watched him run around the room terrified.IMG_8033-2

He was eventually thrown out and made homeless, living on the streets.IMG_8073-2

Until circumstances made it so he came to a place here in Stockholm called Kattstallet(The Cat Stable). They take in cats that have been mistreated, abused and/or are found by animal control.  They take in every single cat they can.
Rinke was found in a suburb to Stockholm called Rinkeby and when he came to Kattstallet, was named there after.
When he arrived he was scared and incredibly suspicious of humans, but especially of men. Quite quickly it was made clear that Rinke could not be around other cats during his rehabilitation, he got into fights frequently. Therefor it would be impossible for him to stay at the Kattstallet location.

So, one thing that Kattstallet does for these cats is to try to find temporary homes, kind of like foster families, have them live there with people who love and take good care of cats. These foster families do not get any compensation for this, other than the cost of food and kitty litter.

So this is where my brother comes in. He and his girlfriend decided to take in Rinke.
They could tell from the first moment they met him that he was very anxious to be around them, but still curious. In that way Rinke is conflicted. He wants to be around people and be scratched and petted, but he doesn’t trust them.IMG_8049-2

My brother and I are very close and also live about 15 minutes apart so I’ve been there to witness a lot of progress they have managed to make with him.
It’s almost been a year  since he moved in and it’s incredible, seeing him go from hiding as soon as I walk into their house, to coming up to me and rubbing up against my legs.
From Rinke clawing at you and running away if you accidentally brushed his tail, to me being able to touch is tail, backside and stomach with him next to me purring and rubbing his head on my nose affectionately.
From him pushing himself up against a wall staring at you, to him sitting on top of a scratching post relaxed and looking out, being curious.

In two days Rinke is moving in to his permanent home. In a way it breaks my heart to never see him again(and I can’t imagine what my brother must be going through), and then I think how much my brother his girlfriend has done for him. How much he’s grown, and how his life is now compared to how it was.
Rinke is the most fantastic cat I’ve ever met and I’ll really miss him.IMG_8029-2

My point in writing this is to let you know how important places like Kattstallet are. They, and everyone who works for them, makes a difference in these cats’ lives every day.
Look up your local animal shelter and support them in any way you can! They need it.

If you live you in Stockholm and would like to support Kattstallet please visit their website and help them, they really need it, and they really help!

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