The Perfect Pancake(and how to create it)

“Enough of the cats and knitting already!”
“We thought you were cool!”
“Where are all your recipes at?”

Yes, yes. I know.
Today is finally real recipe time!

Todays’ recipe is something I grew up on, ate for dinner and not until later in life found out that the rest of the world enjoys for dessert. Or breakfast. Basically anything except for dinner.IMG_8004-2-7
Today is pancake day here on the blog!

Rejoice! Pancake day is here!

My boyfriend and I tend to get into arguments over what goes on/into a pancake. He insists it is impossible to revel in the gloriousness that is a perfect pancake without:
1. Icing sugar
2. Chocolate sauce
3. Whipped cream
Optional 4. Ice cream.

Jeez, I say… How pretentious, I just give mine a nice spread of blue berry jam, roll ’em up and see how many I can fit in my mouth in one go.

I guess that illustrates the difference between Belgians(him) and Swedes(me, duh).

One more thing that is essential to know before moving on is that this recipes is for what I call pancakes, what others may call Crepes, or they might be called “thin pancakes”.
Since this is my blog, I decide that the proper name is simply PANCAKE.

The thick ones are “American Pancakes”.

Wueh, I’m glad we cleared that up. Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get going on the cooking!

Ingredients enough for 2:
2 deciliters of flour(0.2 liters, 0.8 cups)
4-5 deciliters of milk(0.4-0.5 liters, 0.9-1 cup)
3 eggs
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of butter

Into a medium-sized bowl, pour in your flower and about a third of your milk. Whisk together to form a thick paste and then little by little add the rest of your milk. The reason for doing this is a simple as: You are trying to avoid lumps of flour from forming. These lumps will sink to the bottom of you bowl and make your last pancake all yucky. Yes yucky, this is the scientific term.

Once you’ve mixed together the milk and flour(no lumps, right?) add all the other ingredients except for the butter and whisk thoroughly. Now, set your bowl aside in the fridge for at least 20 minutes, by I recommend leaving the batter over night to thicken up properly.

After leaving the batter for an appropriate amount of time, take it out of the fridge and get a 24-28  cm frying pan going to a high heat.
When making the swedish pancake, or crepe, you can only do one at a time which makes frying pancakes kind of a lengthy process, this is why I always use 2 frying pans. So, if you can I strongly suggest doing that.IMG_7990-2-3

So melt the butter in your pan/pans. Once melted, transfer that butter over to you batter and whisk that in.
If you’ve got fairly new pans, with good non-stick coating, this is the only fat you’ll need to add to you pans. And since there is butter in the batter, the pancakes will not stick.
The more butter in the pan, the wetter and soggier you pancakes will become.

So for the frying, use a ladle and ladle in a batter, about 1 deciliter per pancake. Obviously, this will vary greatly depending on the size of you pan, but this is the basic idea.
Grad ahold of your pan handle and swish(again, very technical and scientific term) the batter around so it covers the base of the pan.IMG_7991-2-4
After about 1 – 1.5 minutes, it’s flipping time! You can tell when it’s time because all the batter will have set and no longer runs(as seen in the above picture). If the batter has “set” but there’s no colour on the pancake, turn up your stove temperature and vice versa.  

So, with a spatula gently pry your way underneath,
lift up the spatula slightly,
and flip.


If your batter has set on top properly, it will not matter a great deal if the pancake doesn’t land completely flat and it crumples up a little bit, this is easily fixable if you gently try to spread it out again with your spatula.IMG_8003-2-6

(ignore the hole in the pancake! it was insanely hard to flip them and photograph at the same time. )

Leave for 1 – 1.5 minutes,
take out of the pan and set aside on a plate
repeat, and start stacking your pancake tower!

That’s the basis for frying and making thin pancakes(THE REAL PANCAKE!)
Simple enough right?

Now for filling, the basic idea is that anything goes, how ever I will give you 2 suggestions that I personally love. But please feel free to experiment with flavours and texture, that’s the thing that makes pancakes fun!

So, my first and most decadent suggestion is to lay you pancake flat, sprinkle with a couple of pinches(or loads!!!!) of brown sugar, roll the pancake up and drizzle with honey. Yum!IMG_8011-2-9

The “lazy” suggestion is my personal favourite is the one I mentioned at the start of  this post, blue berry jam. The idea is the same as above. Lay the pancake flat, spread jam all over, roll up, shove into mouth.
Honestly, don’t even bother with cutlery. In fact, it’s better if you don’t use cutlery. I insist!IMG_8017-2-11

A variation on this would be a little bit of whipped cream on the side, to dip your pancake in. If you desperately feel the need to glam it up a little.

Try everything!
And never forget to have fun!

The picture quality this week is a little lacking, but unfortunately I live in the country of eternal darkness(kind of), so I have almost no natural light in my house. The sun sets at around 3 pm, and it’s tricky to get some photography done because that’s around the time I get home from school.
God damn you Sweden!

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