Spring Cleaning – A New Me

So I’ve owned and operated this blog for about a year now(with some minor gaps, no judging), and reading my previous about-page I thought that it needed a little pick me up. Oh and also, the text was super strange. Totally written by someone with some intense fear of the internet. More than a year has passed and I am somewhat less terrified of putting myself out there(pew, good thing!), so with that I figured I’d do some classic shameless self-promotion was in order and I also wanted to show you some of the pictures I snapped that I thought might do a good job of representing myself, for the blog and to send in with job apps. I don’t like to use one photo for more than a year, because of the changes you tend to go through on quite a regular basis(weigh, hair style, clothes. you name it, and you’ve probably altered it in the last year.) and my previous job application picture was more than two years old, so I felt like I was definitely ready for some new photos!Composite

The first picture I chose for job applications(for now, I’ll probably change my mind in about 2 days). To see what I picked for the about page, just head on over to the blog and click the tab called “Malin”.

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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning – A New Me

  1. Awesome! Love these :)

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