What Have You Been Eating?

Hey guys!
Lately I’ve been trying out a bunch of new recipes, and I’ve been having an absolute blast doing it! The unfortunate part is that I can’t share any recipes with you since I’m still smoothing out the kinks in some of them, and I will never ever post a recipe on here that’s not 100% legit. You can count on me!

But some of the new recipes made for some beautiful dishes and I just couldn’t keep my itchy shutter finger away, so with that you know I wanna show them to you.
If anything catches your fancy drop a comment and I’ll put that on top priority for the next recipe to make it onto the blog.


First I’ve been working on my pasta skills, which still need a little bit of work, with a parsley mushroom sauce topped with a thyme flavoured pork chop. Eating this I was reminded of how tasty pork chops are. God damn, they are just the best if you manage to get the cooking spot on. Omnomnom. IMG_8864-9




Second is this potato and chicken curry that I’ve been trying to get right for months now. I’m not quite there, but soon. Hopefully. It is sooo tasty when done right!IMG_8752-15


So What do you think guys?
If you want to keep up with me more follow me on instagram @mooli for more frequent updates of the food I eat, things I come across and… Obviously a ton of selfies. :)

Either way stay tuned and look for an update on monday, I’ve got a meatless goody lined up!

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