Stir Fry Meatless Monday Madness

Hey guys! It’s sunday and time to start thinking about what to do for the upcoming meatless monday, and time for me to (hopefully) give you some inspiration!

Today is a simple one – Stir fry!IMG_8488-3
A good old fashioned stir fry  is awesome for so many different reason, but mainly… It’s hella quick and easy to make, which makes it great choice for monday night dinners(everyone’s suffered through the monday laziness where you’re so tired you’ll just get some take-out, because meh on cooking). A bonus with spring finally sprung, all the nice green vegetables that are readily available and not to pricey. So, this meatless monday you should totally fix yourself(and/or your family) a stir fry.

Ingredients2 portions
100-150 grams of dried noodles
50 grams of sugar snap peas
1/2 of a bell pepper of your choice(I like mixing green and red)
1 handful  bamboo shoots
1 scallion
4 broccoli florets
2 cauliflower florets
1 carrot

2 tablespoons of oyster sauce*
1 teaspoon of dark soy
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 pinch of sugar

* BIG CAVEAT on this recipe is my use of oyster sauce. As you may have guessed by the name,  it contains oysters and is therefore NOT vegetarian. So, you can’t serve this to your vegetarian friends. They will not be happy with you.
I’m cheating a little but because it’s called meatless monday and technically oyster are not meat… You know. And also,  oyster sauce is freaking delicious.
But still, you should be aware of this.

Cut up your vegetables into  smallish bits. The cauliflower, carrots and broccoli takes a little longer than the rest to cook so cut them quite fine so reduce cooking time.
Put your noodles into boiling water, while they cook toss your vegetables in a screaming hot pan with some flavourless oil(like canola oil, or a little sesame oil). Cook both noodles and vegetables for 3-5 minutes, cooking time of the noodles may different depending on what kind you get so make sure you check the packaging first. Mix up the sauce and pour, with the cooked and drained noodles,  into  your frying pan. Stir everything up and yes, can you believe it? You are done!
Get in a bowl and serve!

If you are a person who is super concerned with making sure you get enough protein in your diet, don’t worry! I’ve got the tips to fix this stir fry for you!
1. Whisk an egg and pour that into the pan together with your noodles, mix and stir while it cooks to make sure you have no large eggy bits. You’re looking for an even distribution.
2. Toss in a handful of sesame seeds at the end.
3. Chop up a handful of cashews to sprinkle over the top.

Boom! Meatless protein!

IMG_8486-2 IMG_8489-4

Crucial elements:
Nah… Nothing difficult or crucial here, no special secrets you need to know about this dish. It’s about as simple as it gets and is constantly interchangeable depending on what vegetables you have at hand.

Go on, try it out and have a fantastic meatless monday!

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